Quantitative Strategy Methodology

Our quantitative trading strategy is composed of 2 suites of advanced statistical algorithms

Statistical Rarity

  • Detects if there is a statistical rarity in the current combination of values in various technical indicators relative to historical data points
  • Example: if Relative Strength Index (RSI) is 75, and only 2% of the time the RSI is higher than 75 historically, then our model would flag this a statistical rarity based on a 2% percentile
  • After determining the percentile for each indicator, the model calculates the aggregate statistical rarity score
  • Calculates the forward looking returns and % of the time positive, and determine if there is a buy/sell signal.

Statistical Pattern Recognition

  • Compares and matches current candlestick, technical oscillators and trend pattern vs. historical data points
  • Example Pattern: a doji candle (close=open) + RSI between 70-75 + up trend which lasted 20 days with 5 peaks
  • Calculates the forward looking returns and % of the time positive in the historical occurences, and determine if there is a buy/sell signal

Sample Statistical Rarity Trade Signal - Long LUK on 2016/11/03



Recent Trading Signals

Symbol Name Sector Signal Type Initiate Date Initiate Price Implied Probability Projected Price Exit Date Exit Price Realized PnL %

Robust Historical Track Record

Quality Signals with Positive Expectancy

  • Historically 60+% positive on thousands of signals initiated since 2009
  • High reward-to-risk ratio with return distribution positively skewed
  • Target and stop loss prices projected using our advanced algorithm
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